Longshanquan pure draft beer

Longshanquan pure draft beer

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Protoplasmic beer

Protoplasmic beer

  • category:Craft beer
  • Release date:2018-12-12
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100% selected imported malt and wheat germ as raw materials, following the European ancient method of perfect ratio, integration of longshan spring fine brewing technology, silky as milk foam, hazy as cloud shape of the wine body, between the drip attractive mellow, fragrance, clean and fresh sweet, melting phase, wonderful.

High quality water brewing high quality of beer, longshan springs beer water is 100% of the mountain spring water, the water contains a variety of beneficial trace elements in human body and minerals, the main raw material with high quality imported malt, good quality of the northeast rice, made from imported hops springs of longshan beer is clear and transparent, white and fine foam, lasting hanging cup, taste is full-bodied soft. Longshan spring beer nutritional value: beer is known as "liquid bread", that is, nutritional food, July 1, 1972 in Mexico held the ninth world conference on nutrition food, beer officially listed as a nutritional food. This is because beer has three important conditions for nutritious food: 1. 2. High calorific value; 3. Easy to be digested and absorbed by human body.

Product name: pulp

Raw materials: spring water, imported malt, wheat sprouts, imported hops

Alcohol: more than 3.7%VOl

The original wort concentration: 10.5 ° P

Warning: excessive drinking is harmful to health

Shelf life: 4 months

The appropriate storage conditions: in 5 ℃ ~ 25 ℃ avoid light leakage


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