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Longshanquan pure draft beer

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Raw white beer can 500ml

Raw white beer can 500ml

  • category:Craft beer
  • Release date:2018-12-12
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Selection of high quality Canada, barley malt, Australia, Europe MaiXiaoMai bud, the Czech republic SAAZ fragrant flower as raw material, the ratio of wine from Europe, fusion longshan springs beer craft technology, using the yeast fermentation, seiko produced, smooth like milk foam, hazy mist shape as wine, seductive fragrance, between the a bit impression of flowers, low shuang yue, and is integrated.

100% selected imported malt and wheat germ as raw materials, inheriting the German classical technology, taste more mellow and full, foam soft and white, lilacs prominent and not sudden.

White beer -- also known as wheat turbid beer, when drinking with natural yeast, foam white and delicate, sweet and smooth taste.

Feature 1:100% malt brewing, and all selected imported malt.

Characteristic 2: use above ferment craft, ferment brings plump fragrance

Feature 3: white beer is rich in amino acids, vitamins and natural antioxidants, which can delay the aging of tissues and cells.

White beer is made from malt and wheat germ by fermentation of beer yeast and lactobacillus, which is characterized by a small amount of alcohol, strong body, slightly white color, slightly sour taste, refreshing, and rich nutrition. Because white beer is generally drunk in the form of draft beer, it is rich in yeast and lactic acid at the same time, greatly improving the nutritional value of beer, in line with the nutritional requirements of current consumers, and tastes softer and more refreshing than ordinary beer.

Product name: raw white beer can 500ml

Ingredients: spring water, imported malt, wheat sprouts, imported hops

Alcohol: more than 3.7%VOL

The original wort concentration: 10.5 ° P

Warning: excessive drinking is harmful to health

Shelf life: 6 months

Net content and specification: 500ml*12

The appropriate storage conditions: in 5 ℃ ~ 25 ℃ avoid light leakage


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