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What is the difference between raw beer and regular beer


Longshan spring craft beer manufacturer:

Brewing materials: the raw beer is brewed with selected malt, superior hops, high quality yeast and glacial water without any artificial additives. The malt juice concentration is higher and the taste is very mellow.

In order to reduce the cost of ordinary beer, low-priced substitutes such as rice, corn and starch are used to replace malt, resulting in low concentration of malt juice and weak taste.

The nutritional value of raw beer is also higher than that of ordinary beer.

The raw beer is the raw beer liquor which is separated from the fermentation tank without filtration treatment. Due to the turbidity of some active yeasts, the wine body foam is extremely rich, with rich aroma, pure taste and unique flavor. It is a real super liquid bread in the beer family. Raw beer because it's not filtered! Certain meeting produces the precipitation of a few nutrition composition! Turbidity on colour and lustre appears to belong to normal! Raw beer is not through high temperature or low temperature treatment, after modification of the original beer fermentation fluid. It's the freshest, most original real beer.

Draught Beer is called draft Beer. Liquor without sterilization treatment is collectively referred to as fresh beer. Beer is delicious because it contains some nutrient-rich yeasts. However, it has poor stability and cannot be stored for a long time. The freshness preservation period is only about one day at room temperature and about three days at low temperature. Its product sells on the spot, majority barreled fresh beer has the advantage of refreshing and delicious, at present majority of enterprises use "instantaneous sterilization" method or "aseptic membrane filtration technology ", so can better retain the advantage of fresh beer. The draft beer defined by the national standard refers to the beer that does not undergo pasteurization or instantaneous high temperature sterilization, but adopts the physical method of sterilization to achieve certain biological stability.

In terms of nutrition, draft beer (fresh beer) is more nutritious than cooked beer, and draft beer looks, smells and tastes better than cooked beer. Draft beer has lighter color, better clarity and transparency, brighter appearance and more beautiful; The activity of enzyme was retained, which was beneficial to the decomposition of macromolecular substances. Contains more amino acids and soluble protein, better nutrition. In addition, beer also contains a variety of antioxidants, raw beer refers to beer brewed in the room temperature only after the membrane degerming filtration, and then put into a special can of sake for easy access. Draft beer retains its original flavor. In addition, raw beer contains yeast, active enzymes, 17 kinds of amino acids and more than 10 vitamins necessary for human body, which still exist in the liquor. It is more digestible and nutritious than cooked beer (bottled beer can).

After the beer is brewed, it needs 62 degrees pasteurization. Cooked beer is a high-temperature sterilization process added on the basis of fresh beer raw liquid, which ensures the hygiene of beer and extends the shelf life. It provides conditions for the long-distance transportation and sales of beer and makes more people drink such delicious beer. The one-year shelf life of bottles and cans of beer we see today are both cooked (and, of course, bottled fresh). This article comes from the Internet

Longshan spring craft beer

Longshan spring craft beer


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