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Explain to you what raw beer is


Longshan spring original pulp beer manufacturer will explain to you:

Raw beer is a raw beer liquor without water, filtration or inactivation process to retain fresh yeast. The raw beer has turbidity due to the active yeast, rich foam, strong aroma, fresh and pure taste, and unique flavor. It is the real super liquid bread in the beer family.

The biggest difference from other beer is the 100% malt fermentation. The raw beer retains the active yeast in the fermentation process without filtration treatment.

Raw beer because it has not been filtered, will inevitably produce some of the precipitation of nutrients, color and luster turbidity phenomenon is normal.

Raw beer is not through high temperature or low temperature treatment, after modification of the original beer fermentation fluid. It's the freshest, most original real beer.

Protoplasmic beer is the entire brewed beer fermentation liquid aseptic condition, maximum limit retained active substances and nutrients, it is a high grade and the most fresh beer, completely retained the fermentation process of amino acid, protein, and a lot of potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc and other trace elements, one of the most critical is to retain a large number of active yeast, can effectively improve the body's digestion and absorption function, but also keep the beer is the most primitive, the most fresh taste, stay, golden color, extremely rich foam, as white as milk, exquisite, lasting hanging cup, real beer in the high-end products, Is the existing beer simply can't compare.

The raw beer is the raw beer liquor which is separated from the fermentation tank. Compared with other beers, the original pulp beer is not filtered in the brewing process and does not undergo high temperature pasteurization inactivation process. The fresh taste and rich nutrition of the hazy original pulp are also completely preserved. Filling and storage at low temperature (0 ~ 5 ℃), the instantaneous lock first freshness, taste delicious and authentic pure. This article comes from the Internet


Longshan spring raw beer

Longshan spring raw beer


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