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Buckwheat stout

Buckwheat stout

  • category:Craft beer
  • Release date:2018-12-12
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Select the high-quality German black malt, Fried and brewed burnt malt, fragrant malt, Canada imported malt, nutrient-rich bitter buckwheat, inherit the German dark beer brewing technology, integration of longshan spring beer brewing technology, precision brewing. Rich in carbon dioxide, with a strong malt smell, intoxicating, injected into the cup, foam delicate, long hanging cup, mellow taste, strong coke, sweet aftertaste.

Raw material selection of German origin of black malt, special malt scrambled to brew now now is the beer industry has a good reputation, fully guaranteed the ingredients are fresh without oxidation retained the original fragrance, with pure plant buckwheat rich in a variety of nutritional value, combined with the Czech republic country of origin of the world's top pure plant scent of hops, blends together the Germany one hundred process and the concept of modern wine-making craft process, adopting continuous low temperature fermentation, the unique craft beer aroma and the glycol release slowly in the time, taste mellow unique, more rich nutrition value, makes an unparalleled quality, create the new standard of domestic health beer.

Product name: buckwheat stout

Ingredients: spring water, imported malt, burnt malt, buckwheat, imported black malt, imported hops

Alcohol: 4.5%VOL or more

The original wort concentration: 12 ° P

Warning: excessive drinking is harmful to health

Shelf life: 4 months

Net content and specification: 450ml *6

The appropriate storage conditions: in 5 ℃ ~ 25 ℃ avoid light leakage


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