Longshanquan pure draft beer

Longshanquan pure draft beer

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Benxi Longshanquan Beer Co., Ltd.

If you come to benxi, enthusiastic people in benxi will recommend longshan spring, the local beer of benxi, to you in addition to the pride of benxi, such as shuidong, guanmen mountain and wunu mountain.

This is not only because longshan spring beer selection of raw materials, seiko brewing, taste pure, but also because longshan spring brewing water all used by the mountain spring, that is, "longshan spring" spring. The spring water flows in four seasons, the water quality is cool, sweet and delicious, rich in minerals. And "longshan spring" the origin of the name has a magical legend.

Legend has it that xue rengui, a general of the tang dynasty, led a large army to defeat the eastern liao army at the time of his collection.

He saw beautiful mountains and beautiful scenery. When I looked carefully, I found that the mountain was winding like a dragon lying down. So I named it wolong mountain. The consigliere looks at it for a moment and tells xue renjie that this is a dragon vein and that there is bound to be a dragon cave. Xue then sends someone around to look for it.

Search for a long time, the bearer reported that they had found the dragon vein is wolong mountain dragon tail. Xue rengui sends a person to make a mark at this place then, who knows just dug, a clear spring gushes out, spring water is sweet and delicious, refreshing. The tang army was tired of running after the liao army. After a full meal, they felt refreshed. Xue rengui saw this spring from the dragon vein dragon cave, so called this spring "longshan spring".

This spring since the tang army dug out, long flow, and warm in winter and cool in summer, "longshan spring" this name has been handed down to this day.

Relying on this talent, benxi brewery established a factory in 1981 and named the brand "longshan spring" beer.

Later, geological experts detected and verified that the spring water was formed in ordovician limestone layer geology, which was 450 million years ago. As a result of crustal movement, fault structure was formed and the spring water gusted out. And this spring water flows through the basaltic rocks underground, so it carries rich minerals and is the raw water for brewing beer!

Benxi Longshanquan Beer Co., Ltd.

Benxi longshan spring beer co., ltd. is located in the suburb of fengye capital benxi, covering an area of 130,000 square meters, with an annual beer production capacity of 200,000 kl and an annual tax payment of over 100 million yuan. In 2017, it was selected as the quality award of governor of liaoning province and an independent brand enterprise of China.

Longshan spring products have their unique advantages. Longshan spring beer is an enterprise brewing beer with spring water. Enterprises adhere to the "responsibility of enterprises, conscience brewing" purpose, adhere to decades of pure grain brewing technology. Beer brewing realizes the whole process of closed sterile anaerobic filling. Do not forget the original intention, continuous innovation, longshan spring beer took the lead in the establishment of craft beer production line in northeast China, launched the series of products such as longshan spring buckwheat beer, craft brewing of raw material, white beer of raw material, etc., opening the era of private beer customization.

At present, it has formed a series of products represented by longshan spring pure raw beer, dry beer, craft beer and can, etc. The products are also exported to Singapore, South Korea and other countries.

"Adhere to the independent brand, brewing high-quality beer", longshan spring beer company's products have won wide recognition in the market, the products cover all cities in the province, radiate to Beijing, tianjin, Shanghai, guangdong and other cities. Longshan spring beer has been awarded the honorary titles of "China's high-quality new beer", "liaoning famous brand", "China's innovative beer", "mayor, governor quality award" and so on.

Benxi longshan spring beer co. LTD

Benxi Longshanquan Beer Co., Ltd.

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Strengthening enterprises and boosting local economic development;

Cultivate the brand, committed to improving the quality of life of all staff and consumers!

Corporate mission: to be a responsible enterprise making wine with conscience

Enterprise spirit: hard-working, pioneering, adhere to learning, the pursuit of efficiency;

Employee learning concept: learn to change yourself and achieve the future

Enterprise use person view: do the person that the enterprise cannot leave! Do the person of professional technology excellent! Be a positive energy giver!

Enterprise management concept: management is productivity! "Pure biochemical management" is the competitive advantage of longshan spring!

Enterprise quality concept: do not give up the pursuit of details; Use good ingredients to make good wine!

Enterprise resource concept: high-quality spring water, high-quality longshan spring.

Work wind: the heart to work; Ha down to work; Aim high, do your best!

I am proud of longshan spring. Longshan spring is proud of me!

Market view: strengthen yourself, be confident and meet challenges; The market won't give us a chance to do it again; Thank every consumer!